Lor Sosa


Self-made Rapper/Artist/Musician/ICON in the making, Jonathon Griffin, AKA Lor Sosa candidly admits he has no real musical training.  Just him being a nearly obsessive fan of music and music culture, created his insatiable desire to make music, and not just the music, but the recreation of the emotion and the inspiration behind it. “I could be watching a movie,” Sosa introspects, “and while everyone else is focused on the screenplay, I tend to be just as entertained with the musical production. I like the way that music can be used as such a powerful catalyst for strong emotional stimulation. It’s always there in my mind,” he muses.
Sosa was born to a Mexican American mother, and an African American father, who was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, CA, but made his life in Howard County, Maryland.  With his parents on polar opposite coasts, Sosa was able to blend the culture and insouciance of his mother’s home, in Phoenix, AZ and the fast pacing of the Baltimore and DC, with his father, in Maryland, to create his own inimitable style and lane, with respect to his music, fashion sense and even his vocal cadence. Sensory by nature, Sosa would learn early on, to use what he had picked up in grade school, learning about poetry, carry it over to his lyrical production, mix it with real life street experiences, a good ear for melody and a hot track, and you have a hit on your hands.
Inspired by the likes Scott Storch, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Drake, Frank Ocean, Gucci Mane,  Yo Gotti, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, just to name a few,  Lor Sosa is charting his own course.  Though influenced by some of the greatest, his sound is nuanced by his own creativity and driven by his sheer will to create not just music, but a whole experience when you hear it! Who’s got next?... We just changed the whole damn game!


Alex Fraze


Alex Fraze, a fusion of musical genres. Mainly channeling R&B and Neo-Soul, Alex has also implemented flairs of Rock, Reggae, Pop, and Lo-fi to create a intricate sound. Coming into his musical talents at 9 years old, Alex has performed on many stages. Namely, Live American Legions, Ritz Carlton hotels, local cafes, and Kings Island in Mason, OH. At 16, he began to take his music career seriously and began to write his own lyrics. Alex Fraze uses his voice to inspire the emotions of the listener. He uses his pain and love for music to capture the audience, and build a vibe. 
Born on October 16th, 1999 in Takoma Park, Maryland. Alex’s heritage descends from Mexican and Jamaican roots. His father migrated to the states from Kingston, Jamaica, and his mother is native to Colima, Mexico. He was brought up in a cultural and soulful household, adopting musical capabilities genetically. Alex at a young age joined a group with his older brother, they were called Kizmet. Performing together in many settings, they created a solid following. From street corner gigs in Washington,DC to known venues in Ohio, Alex has a quality foundation of experience in stage presence and performance. As Alex got older and left the group he began exploring his own sound and musical niche. He admits that he doesn’t feel that he belongs in a specific genre and that he can gel with any sound that “feels good”. “... I can just hear a beat, or get a small hint of inspiration and run with it.”
Alex Fraze takes inspiration from many of the greats in music like James Brown, Micheal Jackson, and Sam Cooke, music that is psychedelic and sets a mood. His drive to make music on event is relentless and he sees himself being a pioneer to innovate a new lane of sound.




Kayos is an artist/ songwriter out South Central Los Angeles. He showcases his versatility and lyricism in his music. His abilities are limitless when it comes to the different genres of music being able to tap into multiple generations of sound. Credited to his personal life experiences growing up, his past experiences jump out at you through his lyrics.




Raised on the dangerous streets Durham, North Carolina, O'SIN has a unique delivery which is razor sharp and full of urban wisdom.  His writing expands past rap, and he enjoys writing to different genres of music.  O'SIN is an underground legendary southern phenomenon, and his versatility not only in what he listens to, but the word play he creates ties to essence of hip hop. While being a strong team player and always committed to the work, O'SIN also enjoys his privacy and spending time with family. His compassion for music is truly inspiring.