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Video Camera


Production: Team Members


Director | Founder of Stroman Productions

After dropping out of community college
when the pandemic hit and losing his job at 20 years old, Isaiah decided to go his own route and become an entrepreneur, taking his advertising experience for the restaurant he worked with (Jimmy's famous seafood) he quickly adapted and developed an amazing passion to create music videos, commercials, promo videos and other media content for anyone he came across. In just little over a year of working locally isaiah is quickly building a name for himself in Baltimore and hopes to expand nationwide in the remote future for his career.




After graduating from the University of Arizona, Eli moved to Los Angeles with aspirations to create feature films for the masses. After a brief occupation with Disney’s television division was interrupted by the 2020 pandemic, Eli decided to take the time to fully immerse himself in all aspects of the his craft, spending countless hours filming video, taking photos and editing footage for all the artists of SAR along with other high profile clients. Eli hopes to use his skills to progress the SAR brand as well as create his own films for the masses to enjoy.

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